Friday, September 23, 2011


Despite the undeniable fact that Isabella would make beautiful puppies, my husband and I didn't want to breed her, so she had to wear an e-collar after she got fixed. For two weeks. Two very long, frustrating weeks. Interestingly enough, I think the whole thing was more frustrating for me than it was for Isabella. Though she didn't understand why she had to wear such an annoying thing around her neck, she seemed good at ignoring it most of the time, and instead honed in even further on her listening skills, since her range of vision was somewhat limited. Playing with toys (especially that green ball) was a bit of a challenge though, since she couldn't get her paws anywhere near her mouth. But she was persistent, and eventually even mastered the stairs before the two weeks were up. Isabella isn't the quitting kind. :)

Note: This picture was taken after a trip to the vet near the end of her two weeks, a trip made necessary by Isabella's sudden desire to chew her e-collar's tape until it was falling apart and literally hanging by a few threads from her neck. So this is a picture of her newly re-taped e-collar. :)

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