Sunday, October 9, 2011

McDonald's Cup

~First and foremost, let it be noted that I will always regret not reaching back for my camera to capture this moment-- I don't know what I was thinking.~

I went into one of the back rooms and left the dogs in the living room for a few minutes. When I came back, Isabella was standing in Jake's pen, her back end facing me. They enjoy exploring each others' pens, and I usually call them out when I catch them in the wrong pen. Today was no exception; I told Isabella to get out of Jake's pen. Isabella slowly turned around to look at me, moving only her head. I could only see her eyes, because a McDonald's cup was covering the rest of her face. She looked at me, silently and not moving. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or fuss at her for getting into something she wasn't supposed to. (The McDonald's cup had been in one of the cupholder spots in the console of our couch when I'd left the room a few minutes earlier, with the lid and straw intact.) I ended up doing a little bit of both. Isabella shook the cup off her nose, and I chased Jake for a moment as he was trying to run off with the straw still stuck in the lid.
Never a dull moment with puppies... :)

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