Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sweet Moment with my Huskies

I'm reposting this from my other blog because it's too cute not to share on both sites...

I'm trying to blog, send emails, and edit photos while my huskies sleep along the length of my body. (I'm currently desk-less and typically lay on the floor while working at my computer. I've actually bought a desk but who knows when it'll make it to my house-- but that's another story altogether.) One has his back against my arm, the other her rear against my legs.

Earlier, the younger one had his head resting almost on top of my keyboard, seemingly unperturbed by my reaching around for the shift and other keys. (Though he did eventually move his head a short distance away, presumably to be a little more comfortable.)

When I get up to leave the room, they'll get up and leave the room with me.

So sweet.

I love my huskies.

They love their mama.


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