Friday, December 23, 2011

Silent, Sneaky Snatcher

Since the time he was a little puppy, Jake has always enjoyed snagging little things that don't belong to him-- socks, underwear, dryer sheets, bread ties, and kleenex, to name a few. Leave a bread tie on any surface he can reach-- say on top of an end table-- and within a minute or two of turning your head away and back again, he'll have a bread tie, working furiously to separate the outer material from the wire underneath. Many times I don't even realize he's got it until the two are separated, and he's chewing determinedly on the wire.
He's the worst with crumpled up facial tissues or napkins, however. Leave the room for a minute, and he'll snatch one off an end table and have it torn into a million little pieces, while chewing on a bit of it. He usually jumps up and runs away guiltily when I return-- he knows he's not supposed to do it-- so it's fairly easy to recognize when it happens. The other day he tried to slowly and quietly take one off the end table while I was sitting just a foot or two away-- I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and turned, catching him mid-snatch. Realizing he'd been caught, he instantly dropped the kleenex/napkin and slinked off.
As always, never a dull moment with my huskies... :)

Stay tuned: pictures of Isabella and Jake at the beach-- an early Christmas-- coming soon!

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