Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Con Artist Escapes Again

Apparently Isabella's collar wasn't as tight as it needed to be when I took them out this morning. I was only planning to run them out for a second and then go right back in, so I was still wearing part of my pajamas and slippers-- definitely not in "greet the neighbors" attire. (Guess that's what I get for walking out of the house assuming I won't see anyone.) The puppies got frisky as I started walking them back in, dodging and darting around each other, and Isabella slipped right out of her collar, and promptly headed off across the neighbors' yards. I ran Jake back in the house since he'd only slow me down (I've tried it before), grabbed treats, and ran back out (I'm starting to get rather quick at this routine). One of the last times Isabella got out, she went several houses down and finally stopped when she got to a cow pasture. This time, no such luck. She went under the fence and and ran around a bit, all the while me yelling her name and telling her to come back, and that I had a treat for her. In the past, I've gotten close enough to her for the treats to work. Needless to say, she didn't go for it today and kept running and sniffing around. Thankfully there were only a few cows in this particular pasture, and thankfully they weren't mean-spirited. Isabella definitely was trying to convince them to play, and thought the whole thing was a game, darting around when the cow started to move toward her.
I finally went around all the fencing and over to the homeowner's house. Tried ringing their doorbell-- nothing. Their outside dog-- a lab, maybe?-- was very friendly (thankfully), and once Isabella saw I had a buddy with me, outside of the pasture, she was eager to come over and play. I don't know how I would have ever gotten her out of the pasture if it hadn't been for that dog. It didn't take long to grab her after she came out, and after putting her collar back on (nice and tight this time), I walked her home, the neighbor's dog following the whole way back.
I know it's a husky's tendency to want to roam, but it scares me every time she escapes. Especially since she doesn't listen to me off-leash outside -- she's alot more likely to listen to my husband when outside.
Needless to say, I will be double-checking the tightness of her collar before going out and about next time.


  1. What a naughty, naughty huskerboo! Glad everything is OK,


  2. Thank goodness you got her back. Your heart must have just been racing the whole time! I shudder to think if Fred ever got out 'cause he'd just run and follow his nose and I'd never get him!

  3. That would have scared our Mom so badly. Have you ever tried getting down close to the ground like you have found something really good, then hopefully she would come over and you could grab her? Some also say running the opposite direction helps to get her to follow you. And Mom says the best trick for us would be to follow in a car and open the door:)

    So glad you got her and she is safe.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. I like the car idea-- I don't think it would have worked in this particular situation, but I'll definitely keep it in mind if (or when) it happens again. Thanks!

  4. oh, thank goodness she is okay! we've had harnesses slip right off and leashes dropped, thankfully all those times we were close enough when it happened.

  5. VERY scary!!! We only wear limited slip collars (or Martingales) -- have you ever tried them? They tighten up a little (but have a built in "stop") when we try the Siberian back up and twist maneuver. It's really, really hard to get out of them. A fellow Sibe-owner recommended them years ago and our mom and dad won't let us wear anything else now!
    Mom makes ours, but you can find them at Wolf Pack or the Martingales at Lupine!
    Play bows,

    1. I haven't tried those before, but I'll definitely look into them-- thanks! Sounds like what I need! :)


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