Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fun of Gatorade Bottles

(This is the first time I've attempted to shoot a video with my camera, so it isn't of the best quality. Maybe if I try doing this a little more often it'll get better. )

Isabella and Jake love to play with empty plastic bottles. Empty 2-liter bottles would probably have to be their favorite, because the lid end is so easy to grip and carry around in their mouth. I've also let them play with Gatorade and orange juice bottles when empty.
When Isabella was little, we'd put some loose change inside an empty 2-liter and let her play with it. She loved to pick it up and shake the daylights out of it, or pounce on it and watch it scoot around the floor. (Isabella wasn't much of a chewer until Jake. Toys lasted alot longer back then.) Since getting Jake, however, she has learned to chew off the lid and the fun ends alot sooner as a result now. She's still alot more delicate and dainty about it than her brother, though. Jake is a master at getting the lid off a bottle, no matter its size, and he always looks a little sad when I come to take it away. The fun never lasts very long for Jake because he's so quick to get the lid off.

(Note: I do watch my dogs when I give them these bottles, and they get thrown away as soon as the lid comes off, or if one of starts biting off plastic in their mouth.)


  1. At least you don't mind throwing these toys away when they are finished! I like how they are always side by side.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  2. Funny, Fred loves the plastic bottles too, but I have to take the lids off first as he takes them off and then tries to eat them. I love how Jake just took the lid and ring off first and then just focused on the bottle!

  3. Susan....
    This is late, which I apologize for. I noticed that you were featured on Coffee With A Canine last week, and wanted to say "congrats"!! I enjoyed your Q&A!! ;)
    I love Jake and Isabella's blue eyes.... They are clear as a cloudless Summer sky!! ;-D
    My neighbor, Deborah allows her miniature Schnauzer, Sophie, to play with plastic bottles. They even sell them in stores!! Seriously!! I have not yet introduced this unique "toy" to my Rose, though.... ;op


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