Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watching the Football Game

 I believe I got in Molly's way during this shot, lol...

Most fall Saturdays for an hour or so I'm outside watching -- and snapping MANY pictures of-- my husband and friends playing in a recreational football league. Molly's "dad" is one of those friends, and sometimes Molly comes out to show her support. Of course I can't resist snapping a few photos of her in between plays on the field...  :)

I used to bring Isabella to these games when she was a little puppy, back before she pulled much on her leash and I didn't take near the amount of photos I do now. She always got plenty of attention, especially from any kids playing on the sidelines. Unfortunately, as I got more serious about taking photos during my husband's game, and Isabella grew bigger and stronger...and we got Jake...bringing her became less and less of an option. So these days, while I'm out snapping photos for the team, the huskies chill at home, always ready for my return and their subsequent free-for-all playtime in the yard.

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