Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I've Seen That Look Before...

 I'm not sure that it's as obvious to others, but when I looked back at this photo I took of Jake a month or two ago, I saw Isabella's face staring back at me. I went back through photos of Isabella when she was younger, trying to find that same face captured...the one below may be the closest one I have.
I've never seen alot of similarities between Isabella and Jake, other than their eye color and as Jake got older, their coats and markings. Their faces had never really looked all that similar to me, but that face he's making in the top photo reminded both me and my husband of Isabella as a puppy.
They are full-blooded brother and sister, after all...


  1. Great photos, as usual.

    Comparing the two photos I can see how much your skills evolved. =D

  2. Huskies have such determination in their spirit. Love the intensity of the eyes.


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