Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day at the Groomer's

Instagram has been my main source of dog photos's been the quickest, most convenient way to get a few pictures of my pups without having to drag around my camera everywhere. Doesn't hurt that they have all sorts of neat filter effects, too.

We don't take our dogs to the groomer very often, maybe a few times a year. The huskies always leave an impression with the people that work there...they were so friendly, or well-behaved, or kept everyone laughing with all their "talking." This time was rather was Champ's first visit to the groomer's and he did great...and Jake gave lots of kisses to the lady giving him a bath, lol. Our huskies like to be near each other while at the groomer's, whether in the bathtub or drying in crates. As long as they can see each other or are very near each other, I've been told, they're great and don't have too much to say. But separate them, or put them out of sight from the other, and they get to whining...Jake especially (no surprises there).
They always leave smelling so good, and looking and feeling so soft...and they almost always leave with a bandana tied around their necks (which drives my husband crazy, lol). Lots of hugging and petting and kisses...ok, and maybe a little sniffing (the cologne they put on them just smells so good!) abounded last night. The dogs  were a bit worn out from all the different activity yesterday, so they were pretty calm once we got them back. I suppose it won't take long for it all to go back to normal, though...sigh...  :)

I love my dogs. They constantly tug at my heartstrings.

Jake feels safest wedged between Isabella and the back of the seat...luckily Isabella doesn't mind.

Champ in a rare moment of utter stillness... :)

Isabella is almost always smiling, regardless of location.

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  1. just look at those sweet faces. What good puppers!


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