Friday, March 8, 2013

Flashback Friday: Just a Little Furball

I love going back through old pictures from time to time and reminiscing about when the huskies were just little things. Jake was smaller than Isabella was at 8 weeks old, but he always had bigger paws from the get-go. He also was alot lighter than what he is today (I thought for a short while that I'd have a silver husky, but no such luck). Isabella was always such a good big sister, too, always accepting of him from day one. To this day, Jake still loves being curled up close to his big sis.

Ah, sweet memories...

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  1. Oh my, what sweet faces!


  2. Some people like puppies more than grow up dogs. Others, the opposite. By that time you had the best of the two worlds.
    Also, it's always so good to remember the good old days. When you have photos, it's even better. :)


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