Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Book Worth Sharing: Zamba the Lion

I have always been captivated by the beauty and some might say the majestic air of big wild cats -- lions and tigers in particular. Especially tigers. I've enjoyed reading stories -- some fictional, most true-- about animals of all kinds, especially since Isabella and Jake have come into my life. The range of animals at this point isn't very extensive -- outside of dogs and cats, I've enjoyed accounts of an owl, eagle, parrot, a big pig and mini pigs, a baby whale, and a coyote...and now, a lion. An amazing lion that needed sharing with fellow animal-lovers and book readers. :) The book, Zamba: the true story of the greatest lion that every lived, has since been added to my Reccommended Reads for Animal Lovers (in my sidebar) and will probably end up on my personal bookshelf one day as well.

As quoted from the book description for Zamba on Amazon.com:
"When Ralph Helfer, now one of Hollywood's top animal behaviorists, first began working, he was shocked by the cruelty that was accepted practice in the field. He firmly believed in "affection training" -- that love, not fear, should be the basis of any animal's development, even when dealing with the most dangerous of creatures. Then Zamba came into his life -- an adorable four-month-old lion cub that went on to prove Helfer's theories resoundingly correct.
Over the next eighteen years, Zamba would thrive and grow, and go on to star in numerous motion pictures and television shows -- all the while developing a deep and powerful bond of love and affection with the man who raised him. By turns astonishing, hilarious, and poignant, Zamba is not only the unforgettable story of the relationship that Helfer would come to consider one of the most important in his life but also that of the amazing career and adventures of the greatest lion in the world."

Since discovering and reading this book -- a friend from the local library (former long-time workplace and still a beloved haunt) noted the book when it crossed her desk and knew I needed to see it, haha -- I've found that Ralph Helfer, the author of Zamba, has written two other books about his beloved animals, and now I'm excited to track them down and read them, too (hopefully in the next few months, before my "free time" becomes nonexistent for awhile, haha). His other books include Modoc: the true story of the greatest elephant that ever lived and The beauty of the beasts: tales of Hollywood's wild animal stars (many of his animals have been featured in commercials and movies over the years).

A wonderful read for any animal lover. :)

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