Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dog Watching

Keeping an eye out on the neighbors''s definitely a louder and busier affair when Champ's outside -- much running, barking, and lunging at the fence (*sigh*). There's no grass for a two foot / one yard distance from that fenceline now -- just dusty dirt...which is almost comical to watch Champ run back and forth in, stirring up a nice dust cloud and turning him into a dirt-shade of a gray. It's the only time Champ just will not listen to me or my husband -- he's too much "in the zone" to pay us any mind.

The huskies have escaped into the neighbors' yard three times now, and Champ twice (only because one of the times he was unable to fit through the board width that was open, hehe). The last two times it's been through a loose board, which they're looking through in the first picture and Jake in the second (they've managed to work a nice big peephole into that board now, too, perfectly sized for a dog snout to fit through).

Such brat dogs sometimes...and other times they're so good...

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