Monday, September 19, 2011

MY Mommy

My husband loves to play around. When Isabella was little, he loved to come wrap me in a bear hug-- or, alternatively, guard me like a basketball player-- as a way of keeping Isabella from getting to me, while saying "MY mommy" over and over. I'd either be laughing at this point or trying to play along, calling out Isabella's name. Meanwhile, Isabella would frantically jump around, trying to get to me any way she could. On one particular afternoon, I was lying on the couch, and my husband "covered" me so Isabella couldn't get to me, and teased her with saying "MY mommy, over and over. And like before, Isabella was trying to get to me at any access point. Finally he stopped and stepped away from the couch. In one quick motion, Isabella jumped onto the couch and on top of me, lying on me in such as a way as if to say "No, MY mommy-- so whatcha gonna do now, huh?" We couldn't help but crack up.

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