Monday, February 27, 2012

Isabella as a Little Puppy

When Isabella was a little puppy, her eyes were a darker, more electric blue (see The Stare). While her eyes are still a pretty blue, sometimes I miss the vividness of them from her puppy days.

When she didn't have her tongue lolling out (which always made her look like she was smiling, to me at least), she looked mad to me, I guess because of the mask around her eyes.

As she got older, the markings around her face and on her legs got more defined and became more darkly outlined.

She got alot of attention everywhere we went with her because of those eyes and that mask. She lapped up the attention-- she has always been an extremely friendly girl, to human and animal alike.

To see other photos of Isabella as a little puppy, scroll through my early posts on this blog, or visit Isabella's link on my photography website at


  1. We huskerboos are the most beautiful ever!!!


  2. She was as pretty as a puppy as she is now. Phantom once had that same mask, but his faded out as his face grew. He still has some dark marks in the corners of his eyes - blue ones too:)

    Woos- Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Wow, what a a beautiful baby you were Isabella! Those blue eyes are just riveting. I can see how those white "eyebrows" could make you look mad when you weren't smiling. :)

  4. From puppyhood to adulthood - what a gorgeous girl!!!
    We finally answered the tag yesterday (Monday)! Thanks again for including us!
    Play bows,


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