Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quotes from "My Angels Wear Fur"

"In animal rescue, there are often many ports before a safe harbor is reached. All are a necessary part of the journey and none is more important than the other. Often we opt not to be a port, because we feel we can't offer a permanent solution. But if all we do is offer a temporary home, pay a vet bill, or pick up a hurt animal on the roadside and take him to a shelter, we have done what we were commissioned by God to do."

"Sometimes animals are yours for their whole lives, and sometimes their lives are just yours for a passing glance. Either way, you are changed forever by their presence."

“There comes a moment of peace in the rescue and placement of animals when you realize that even if you weren’t the final stop on the road to “home sweet home,” you were definitely part of the plan to get them there.”
--excerpts from My Angels Wear Fur: Animals I Rescued and Their Stories of Unconditional Love 
by Devon O'Day

A wonderful read...I highly a little more about this book on my other blog.

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  1. Amazing quotes. I'll search if there's a Portuguese version of the book, and, if I find it, I'll try to read it. =D


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