Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Operation "Free the Squeaker"

Ever since he was little, Jake's always made it his mission to "free" any squeakers (and stuffing, for that matter) he comes across in toys. I managed to prolong the life of this toy (and intact squeaker) for a little while, by putting it up and out of reach when I wasn't around, but after only a few times of forgetting to pick it up when going inside (I blame the hubby, of course), this toy, too, succumbed to Jake's one-minded mission. (Isabella also had a hand in this toy's demise-- she loved nothing better than to de-stuff to her heart's content, when allowed. Looked like huge balls of cotton, or a dusting of snow, all over the ground around her. What fun to clean up...*sigh*...)
This toy is not entirely useless to us yet, however. It can still be thrown like a frisbee, and retrieved over and over again. And Champ has taken a shine to this toy, and loves to pick it up in his mouth and thrash his head about-- I guess trying to kill it? So despite the lack of a squeaker, there may still be hope for this toy yet. Speaking of which, I need to find said "freed" squeaker...


  1. I think they need some kevlar toys. =D

  2. Dear Jake,

    Did you get it out? I don't know why the people stick them in there in the first place. We Dogs just need to pull them out again.


    1. Cobi,
      Oh yes, Jake got it all right...the middle is now completely flat-- no stuffing or squeaker remains. :)


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