Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Man...Big Boy?

He may not look it, but Champ has already surpassed Isabella and Jake's weight-- the huskies topped out at 45 pounds each, while Champ is now right under 48 pounds and not quite 6 months old yet. Only two weeks ago he was 42 pounds. Not sure how much growing he's got left to go, but I don't think he'll be stopping anytime in the near future. We're not sure yet if he'll get any taller, or if he'll just bulk up a bit (since we think he has pit in him). Champ's always been a hungry boy since the night we got him...I can only hope that one day his appetite abates a little.  :)


  1. Oh dear Champ... you are a very Big Dog!


  2. They Grow Up So Fast. :)


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