Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

It snowed pretty much all day last Saturday, so our trio got to enjoy most of the day outside. My husband would've loved to have done some sledding with the huskies, but unfortunately he was stuck at work all day. Depsite his lack of a hardy husky coat, Champ stayed outside most of the day and had a blast. All were extra frisky that afternoon. I was able to take many many pictures of them all playing around in the snow -- I switched over to phone pics while my camera's battery recharged, haha -- so now I'm satisfied with our winter season...bring on the spring!  :)-

Watching the snow fall...I tried to wait till the snow really covered the ground before letting them out in it.

First few minutes out in the snow.

Two on one play come snow, sleet or shine. :)

Jake's first time seeing and playing out in the snow.

Always listening and watching...

Every time the frisbee disappeared under a blanket of snow, he'd root around until he found it again.

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