Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going on a Walk...Together

Isabella LOVES going on a walk. As soon as she sees her harness, she starts prancing around and whining at the door, she's so excited. Jake hasn't gotten into the routine as often, so he doesn't get as excited beforehand...but once we're on the way out the door, he's all for it.

Isabella is also VERY friendly, both to human and animal alike. Jake is friendly, but alot more cautious around other animals. He'll bark at another dog pretty quickly, but once he's gotten a good sniff of them and they've hung out a bit together-- especially if Isabella is also there-- then he's just as friendly as Isabella.

They got a little extra attention on their walk today-- several people came out to pet them, and they met an Australian Shepherd as well (I think she felt outnumbered so never fully warmed up to either of my huskies)...all in all, an interesting and fairly exciting walk for both.

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